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Welcome to our Family Fun page!

VetteParts Resources Corvette Fun Prize Drawings.

 $25.00 NCM Gift Card

Starting immediately anyone who solves our puzzle or completes our word game is eligible to enter our Corvette Fun prize drawings.

The next drawing for the Corvette Jigsaw Puzzle will be on the 1st of the month, and the drawing for the Corvette word game will be on the 16th of the month. We will randomly draw names from our Corvette caps, and present the winners with a $25.00 National Corvette Museum Store gift card. The card can be used to buy many different items, as outlined on the NCM website, including all store items and even toward purchasing Museum Bricks.


To get your name in the cap for either or both drawings, after solving the puzzle or completing the word game, you must enter your forum screen name and your email address on the form provided, and click the submit button.
One entry per person, please. Multiple entries in the same drawing will not increase your chances of winning.

The drawings will be on the 1st, and the 16th so you can enter until midnight PST time on the previous day, and still qualify. The winner will be notified on the forums and by email.


Click here to solve the CORVETTE JIGSAW PUZZLE

Click here to play the CORVETTE WORD SEARCH GAME